1. San Diego's Premier Bike Fit
Get your bike and cleats personalized for your cycling activities and your body’s idiosyncracies.

2. Stationary Training for Strength, Power and Hill Climbing
Progressively difficult trainer classes for cyclists of all capabilities. Over 75% of the attendees are returning cyclists from previous classes! 

3. Endurance Ride Coaching
Do that Century, Double Century or Faster Century you really want to complete! Contact Coach Darryl to discuss your situation, find out what options are available for you.

​Bike Shorts
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Coach Darryl Ride Schedule
Ride With Us!
​Rarely are there changes or cancellations but any will be posted on Coach Darryl's Facebook page, click here
It is not possible for me to update this page while I am on the road.

Reoccurring Rides are Below First 
Specific Dates are  

Holiday Ride! Holiday Route!
For Labor Day, I organized a Holiday Ride. It was very well attended with around 25 cyclists. The route was so successful many called it the Holiday Route.
We repeated this fun ride on Columbus Day. 
We will again pedal this Holiday Ride & Holiday Route on the Friday after Thanksgiving, which is November 29.
Start:              South Shores Parking Lot [MAP]
Rolling Time:        8:30am 
Route:                    North through Mission Bay, Rose Canyon, UCSD, down Torrey Pines, then east on Carmel Valley Road, returning south along the I-5 old frontage road and new bike path to UCSD and Gilman back to Rose Canyon
Distance:         32 miles
Pace:               That which everyone can pedal.
Please let me know if you can make it. Contact Coach Darryl.

Taco Tuesday!
One More Ride for 2019!
Taco Tuesday rides are a San Diego mid year favorite! Nothing says summer fun evenings like Taco Tuesday. But, with the loss of daylight, the season is over. Well, almost!
Our last Taco Tuesday of the year will be a "Taco Tuesday, Saturday Version", on Saturday December 28. 
We are still meeting at the Trek Bicycle Superstore in Kearny Mesa [MAP] for a ride to the coast. But, it is not an evening ride like mid summer, we will start rolling at 8:30am. Our route will be the mid summer long route version via Aero Drive, Murphy Canyon to Mission Valley, and all the way to the coast at Hospitality Point. We return by the scenic coast hugging marine route and Sea World Drive, then climbing Linda Vista Road. While Linda Vista Road is around 300 feet of climbing, it is spread over 4.2 miles so it is very gentle climbing. It is ideal for both those not in as good shape as they would like to be as well as those who want to set a new Personal Record on the climb. And everyone enjoys the post ride cycling conversation at Rubio’s [MAP] Since this ride is on a Saturday, tacos will be regular prices, but, actually, we are there for the riding and the friendship, not to save a dollar or so.
Join your cycling friends or make new ones. We usually have about a dozen riders. The split is usually half males and half females. 
No one gets left behind!  
Around 24 miles in total. 
Arrive whenever, we do announcements 5 minutes before the departure which is always on time!  

Trek Bicycle Superstore 
Century Training Series
The autumn series was a spectacular success!
Look back here for information on the spring series, the below is a preliminary 'typical schedule."
Rides are every Saturday starting at 20 miles around mid February 2020, adding 5 miles per week with the century around June 1. 
The Trek Bicycle Superstore Century Training Series is one of the best attended training series in the county. Each week around 100 riders spread over 7 groups averaging from 9-20 MPH, there is a group speed for everyone.
For more information on the series and the individual rides, click here 

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Coach Darryl's Favorite Yearly Events 
and Discounts 

This is a new Coach Darryl calendar. The below events are listed in order of calendar year. Scroll down to get to the area in the calendar currently of interest to you. Later, many more rides will be added and this area will be its own page on this Coach Darryl web site. 
For many rides, there is a Coach Darryl Discount. This discount will be provided only to cyclists who have had a Coach Darryl Bike Fit or have attended one of Coach Darryl's Coaching Programs, like the Double Century Team, Tour of Plan Springs Century Team, or Stationary Training. Contact me for the code. 
Times below are wheels rolling times, arrive whenever, the ride starts at that time.  

The Recovery Ride - Usually in January, it will be held in April in the future, April 19 in 2020. See below.

April 19, 2020 the Recovery Ride. Coach Darryl Has a Discount Code
I have attended this ride all 4 years it has been held and loved it! Pick the route you prefer, 12, 25, or the 40 miles to the Olympic Training center.
Click for more info . 
Coach Darryl has an exclusive discount code for all Coach Darryl cyclists. 
For the discount code, contact Coach Darryl.
Click for event info

Ride the Point November 9, 2019. Coach Darryl has a Discount Code
This is a wonderful, scenic ride, and a great cause, pancreatic cancer research. Ride through the Submarine base, climb a route to Pt Loma that is usually closed to civilians and pedal to Mission Trails Park too! They call it "Ride the hidden, unridden and forbidden Pt Loma."
Three routes, 10, 25 and 62 miles.
Last year, we had a group of 10 Trek Century riders do this route. 
For the discount code, contact Coach Darryl.
Click for event info.

Holiday Ride & Route, November 29
For info on this free ride, see above.

The last Taco Tuesday of the 2019! Saturday December 28, 2019. Yes, this ride will be a Saturday morning ride. 
See above under Taco Tuesday.

Cyclist Comments
"Darryl MacKenzie it's always amazing to ride with you!! I was telling some of my friends that Trek Century Program was my Cycling family for years and that I learned so much from you!! Looking forward to see you this next week!! 
Mario C. August 2019

"you're so lucky to be riding with Coach Darryl.!!"
Claudia G"

"You are great!. Thanks for all you do!"
August, 2019

"Darryl is the best!!"
Jarrod G, August 2019

"I finally had a chance to open up my new Trek Domane today and see what I’m capable of riding her. What a difference! Thank you Darryl MacKenzie for helping me through the selection process. I’m so grateful! She rides like a dream."
Karen M July 2019

"Coach Darryl fit my bike to me, suggested a saddle change and I just took off, literally 🙂. Between the fit, the saddle and the tips, I completed my first Century this spring. I would never have made it with my bike in it’s old configuration. He’s a delight to work with, calm and open and relaxed. I recommend him without reservation."
Steve S. June 2019

"you really did an outstanding job of keeping your troops informed, motivated, trained, inspired, and ultimately, successful. Over the past couple of days, I've thought--I really couldn't (or wouldn't!) have done it without the benefit of the team.(Written just after completing a century, the final ride of the 16 week Trek Bicycle Superstore Century Training Series.)"
Donna, June 2019

"My first century, Super excited! Grateful for Trek, the rides and especially for coach Darryl, a font of wisdom for all things cycling. This Spring series helped me grow from a casual rider to a century rider. I’ll see you at future rides. My next bike will absolutely be a Trek. Thank you!!"
Steve S June 2019

"For the past 10 or so Saturdays I've been participating in the Trek Century training class. The weekly rides have been great, but the leaders are tremendous. Coach Darryl MacKenzie has provided so much more than leadership--he coaches every rider to give them practical tips on how to improve speed and performance--be it posture, safety, bike maintenance, bike fitting, sports nutrition, bike computers, traffic avoidance and even how to climb those d*** hills. He gives real-time advice to every rider, which somehow makes every challenge a little easier. His positive attitude is contagious! After 50 miles or so, that can-do attitude makes a big difference! Everyone in the group is now pedaling longer distances with less effort. Another plus, he genuinely cares. Thanks to Trek, and thanks to Darryl for this great (and free!) opportunity."
Donna May 2019

"I owe a lot to this guy! May he be the path for you to being a better and safer rider."
Ken F. April 2019

"Beginning many years ago with your Trek store spin classes, continuing with the bike fit and now, the ride guide ‘on the road’ suggestions and encouragement, my skills, endurance and safety have improved because of you!
Keep the suggestions and thoughts coming. They are appreciated. I am listening."
Paul N. 

"My best time up Torrey Pines. 9:07! A year ago 12:43. Thanks Coach for all your help. You have helped me immensely."

"Coach Darryl is exceptional. As a new road cyclist, he helped me learn how to properly position myself on my new road bike and meticulously measured and fit the bike to my body so that I can grow, perform, and love to ride. Thank you Coach Darryl!"
Jarrod G. 

"Coach Darryl is the gift that keeps on giving. His advice and counsel have made all the difference in my cycling"
John B
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The Double Team Riding 5-Across on the Runway on Camp Pendleton​
Taco Tuesday riders several hundred feet out into the Pacific near Hospitality Point
The turn around location for the 
Another Dam Ride route
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