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Cyclist Comments

" I couldn’t agree more with Karen. Every time I ride my bike I practice all the lessons I learned from you. Because of you I am more capable and confident out riding in traffic. Thank You Coach Darryl!! 🥰. Susan"
Susan S. June 2023

"You are an inspiration to many. Whenever I ride, I think about you and all the wisdom you have taught me."
JB, June 2023

"Coach Darryl, your post detailing your amazing history (to date!) of cycling keeps coming up on my feed as more and more people comment on your accomplishment in awe. Every time I see your post, I smile because I'm reminded of the impact you have made on me. You have taught me so much about cycling, sharing your wisdom and experience, and giving me such incredibly helpful advice. Your heart is enormous. You are beyond supportive and are always there encouraging, lifting up, consoling, and so much more. I have been fortunate to be on the receiving end of your phone calls, when I have needed them the most. And you are the person I call first when I have a cycling question or am noodling a problem. You give and nurture and grow and invest in so many people- what an impact you make. I am eternally grateful to know you Coach. You are a blessing"
Karen M. June 2023

"I love it Darryl! There is an entire village on the road with you who you’ve coached, encouraged, supported , laughed with and welcomed with the widest open arms. A true legend and a truer friend."
Sandy T. June 2023

"You are a cycling legend !! All the lives you have helped and enhanced just by being you
We are all truly the lucky ones to know you"
Mike K. June 2023

"Hi Coach. Your wisdom continues to stay with me. I have not had a road bike in two years, but picked up a used Motobecane the other day. I went on my first ride and thought about the things you taught me like moving back on the saddle on a hill and eating a good breakfast. Thanks for your wisdom."
Jerry K. August 2022 (No longer living in California)

" I learned so much from you and I’m still practicing my skills. ❤️ Sue"
Sue S. June 2022

Coach Darryl Note: This is regarding Kim's successful pedaling of The Grand Tour 200 mile in one day Double Century, as a part of Coach Darryl's Double Team of 2011:
"i treasure everything about the training and the ride. EVERYTHING."
Kim M. June 2022

"I so appreciate your thoughtfulness, caring and wisdom. All why Coach Darryl is our beloved mentor. Thank you!"
Karen M. June 2022

"Darryl MacKenzie that conversation definitely impacted my life and was the beginning of some great rides and memories." (Our conversation on cycling training was in 1996)
Andrew G. January 2022

"...always I appreciate the way you treat your customers as friends."
Dave O. October 2021

"Darryl even though our relationship is new it has been a significant part of my biking success puzzle. I had never ridden more than 20 miles up until the ALC (Aids/Life Cycle, 545 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 8 days) in 2019 training period. You Darryl gave me the ability to ride my bike as is best for my body and that was equally important. As I approach another 545 at 66 years these components working together with my desire will be important to getting to the LA finish line. Thank you for your council, effort, support and friendship."
Jim K. September 2021

"The most important thing is your health for sure but I sure am missing the camaraderie of our rides and nothing beats the real time wisdom you share!"
Karen M. December 2020 

"Your wisdom is always with me when I ride."
Jerry K. December 2020

"Hi Coach D,
Just checking in with you that you are healthy and safe.
I'm still so grateful for your help with dialing in my road bike. I have mentioned your name to many new riders and I hope your business is doing well.  
Be well,
Jarrod G." June, 2020 (Bike Fit was February 2019) 

"When I met Coach Darryl I had no idea he would become such an important figure in my cycling life and a valued friend. Not only has he supported me in my cycling he is a community partner and a valued member of the ALC community here in San Diego providing bike fits to many cyclists and coaching tips on how to be a better and safer cyclist. Though we haven't ridden together in some time, he is always with me on the bike and will be with us in spirit over the 7 days from SF to LA on the ride to end AIDS."
Suzy H.

"Hi Darryl, I’ve been meaning to email you so this is the perfect opportunity. After the accident when I went out on my bike I would panic. If I had to cross over a street I would check 2 or 3 times and by the time I finally decided to cross there was usually traffic coming. I kept thinking in the back of my mind about how you taught us when something happens concentrate only on your riding. I know I have the skills and just needed to pull my head together and stay with my ride and not the accident. Now I am able to ride normally so I am so grateful for your training. I just can’t begin to Thank You enough because I was becoming a dangerous rider with my long hesitations.
You are such a blessing in my life!!"
S.S. April 2020

"This just happened 🙂 a new Trek Domane SL 6 Disc, Ultregra groupset, Di2 ready for future upgrade, got a good deal at Trek in La Mesa. Much gratitude for Coach Darryl for his expertise, experience and just being an all around nice guy."
Steve S. March 2020

" Experience. Knowledge. Kindness. Great Guy on the bike and off!"
Carol H. October 2019

"Darryl MacKenzie it's always amazing to ride with you!! I was telling some of my friends that Trek Century Program was my Cycling family for years and that I learned so much from you!! Looking forward to see you this next week!! 
Mario C. August 2019

"you're so lucky to be riding with Coach Darryl.!!"
Claudia G"

"You are great!. Thanks for all you do!"
August, 2019

"Darryl is the best!!"
Jarrod G, August 2019

"I finally had a chance to open up my new Trek Domane today and see what I’m capable of riding her. What a difference! Thank you Darryl MacKenzie for helping me through the selection process. I’m so grateful! She rides like a dream."
Karen M July 2019

"Coach Darryl fit my bike to me, suggested a saddle change and I just took off, literally 🙂. Between the fit, the saddle and the tips, I completed my first Century this spring. I would never have made it with my bike in it’s old configuration. He’s a delight to work with, calm and open and relaxed. I recommend him without reservation."
Steve S. June 2019

"you really did an outstanding job of keeping your troops informed, motivated, trained, inspired, and ultimately, successful. Over the past couple of days, I've thought--I really couldn't (or wouldn't!) have done it without the benefit of the team.(Written just after completing a century, the final ride of the 16 week Trek Bicycle Superstore Century Training Series.)"
Donna, June 2019

"My first century, Super excited! Grateful for Trek, the rides and especially for coach Darryl, a font of wisdom for all things cycling. This Spring series helped me grow from a casual rider to a century rider. I’ll see you at future rides. My next bike will absolutely be a Trek. Thank you!!"
Steve S June 2019

"For the past 10 or so Saturdays I've been participating in the Trek Century training class. The weekly rides have been great, but the leaders are tremendous. Coach Darryl MacKenzie has provided so much more than leadership--he coaches every rider to give them practical tips on how to improve speed and performance--be it posture, safety, bike maintenance, bike fitting, sports nutrition, bike computers, traffic avoidance and even how to climb those d*** hills. He gives real-time advice to every rider, which somehow makes every challenge a little easier. His positive attitude is contagious! After 50 miles or so, that can-do attitude makes a big difference! Everyone in the group is now pedaling longer distances with less effort. Another plus, he genuinely cares. Thanks to Trek, and thanks to Darryl for this great (and free!) opportunity."
Donna May 2019

"I owe a lot to this guy! May he be the path for you to being a better and safer rider."
Ken F. April 2019

"Beginning many years ago with your Trek store spin classes, continuing with the bike fit and now, the ride guide ‘on the road’ suggestions and encouragement, my skills, endurance and safety have improved because of you!
Keep the suggestions and thoughts coming. They are appreciated. I am listening."
Paul N. 

"My best time up Torrey Pines. 9:07! A year ago 12:43. Thanks Coach for all your help. You have helped me immensely."

"Coach Darryl is exceptional. As a new road cyclist, he helped me learn how to properly position myself on my new road bike and meticulously measured and fit the bike to my body so that I can grow, perform, and love to ride. Thank you Coach Darryl!"
Jarrod G. 

"Coach Darryl is the gift that keeps on giving. His advice and counsel have made all the difference in my cycling"
John B
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The Double Team Riding 5-Across on the Runway on Camp Pendleton​
Taco Tuesday riders several hundred feet out into the Pacific near Hospitality Point
The turn around location for the 
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