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"Darryl This is an awesome manual! You have gone into such exquisite detail covering even the most subtle nuances." Steve J.
Success eManual for the 
Grand Tour Double Century

  • How strong do I have to be to start training for the Grand Tour?
  • How should I train for the Grand Tour, and when should I start?
  • What is the ‘must know’ Grand Tour’s route information?
  • What type of food will they provide, should I bring my own food?
  • Malibu hotels are expensive! Where is the best place to stay? 
  • With travel, hotel, entry fee and time off work, I have a lot invested in this event, how can I increase my chances of a successful ride?

The First and Still the BEST Double Century in CA
The Los Angeles Wheelmen Grand Tour is one of the most beautiful rides in California. Around 130 miles are adjacent to the California coast.  At one point cyclists pedal 17 miles next to the ocean with no traffic signals, no stop signs, and no hills and almost always with a strong tail wind to make you feel like Superman!  With less than 5,000 feet of climbing, this lowland route is an ideal first or ‘first five’ double century.

How Can Increase my Chances of having a Successful Grand Tour? 
The Success eManual for the Grand Tour assembles the experiences of 15 consecutive years of training for and riding the Grand Tour. Coach Darryl has lead a training group to do the Grand Tour for 10 years, each year 100% of the cyclists completed their double in their first attempt. It contains all the information that every cyclist should know about successfully training for and pedaling the Grand Tour!
  • A timeline for the 10 weeks before the event, including a proven training program, and what to do for the ‘Dress Rehearsal’
  • A detailed Cyclist Packing Checklist specifically created for the Grand Tour Double Century
  • Nutritional information for training for the event, the days before the event and during the ride
  • The exact time to start and how fast you should pedal to complete the event in daylight hours so lights are not needed
  • A detailed 14 page ‘Cyclist Insider Sheet’ for the route, including where the dangers spots on the course are located and how to be safe while pedaling each
  • How many minutes should be spent off the bike at each of the 6 food stops and what to expect at each 
  • A Coach Darryl discount hotel Group Rate with $51 rooms!

Your personalized copy of the Success eManual for the Grand Tour tells everything you need to know to be successful at the Grand Tour Double Century. The 50+ pages are well illustrated including pictures of each stop, most Grand Tour jersey back to 1998, and great shots of the route.

Your Success eManual for the Grand Tour is only $24.99. How much time, training hours and money will you invest in the Grand Tour?  Increase your probability of a smooth successful Grand Tour by getting your personalized Success eManual now! 

Cyclists in or near San Diego County should check out the Double Team training rides to prepare for the Grand Tour!

Cyclist Comments
"I purchased your GT training manual before yesterday's Lowland Double, just to ensure that I had all my bases covered.  I did and I finished my first double century century!
Thank you for this invaluable resource.  The trip log cheat sheet was especially helpful.  I liked the equipment packing lists and and your recommendation for short check point stops.
Thanks again!  
Sincerely Yours,"
Naomi D.