Coaching for San Diego Cyclists 

1. San Diego's Premier Bike Fit
Get your bike and cleats personalized for your cycling activities and your body’s idiosyncracies.

2. Stationary Training for Strength, Power and Hill Climbing
Progressively difficult trainer classes for cyclists of all capabilities. Over 75% of the attendees are returning cyclists from previous classes! 

3. Endurance Ride Coaching
Do that Century, Double Century or Faster Century you really want to complete! Contact Coach Darryl to discuss your situation, find out what options are available for you.

Coaching Cyclists to Improve Endurance and Fitness
Bike Shorts
Off the Bike Cyclist Info 
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Coach Darryl Ride Schedule
Ride With Us!
​For all rides, for notices regarding rare changes or cancellations, 
see the announcement method below. 

Taco Tuesday Ride
Summer Riding with Your Friends!
Join us for this popular ride followed by Rubio's Taco Tuesday gathering for cycling talk!
We will pedal to the cool temperatures of the coast and climb our popular Linda Vista Road hill.  
We will meet at the Trek Bicycle Superstore in Kearny Mesa [MAP] and pedal down to Mission Valley to the coast, go to the end of the bike path at Hospitality Point and return by climbing Linda Vista Road. The coast riding will be longer as the daylight allows. 
Arrive whenever, we start at 5:30 every Tuesday evening.
The join us afterwards for Taco Tuesday cycling talk at Rubio's at 9187 Clairemont Mesa Blvd [MAP]. 
See you there for summer time cycling fun! 

Trek Bicycle Superstore 
Saturday Century Training Series
This VERY popular series is BACK!
Join us for these rides are every Saturday The rides start at only 20 miles with mostly flat terrain, each subsequent ride adds around 5 miles and more hills per week until the century ride on October 29. We have around 100 cyclists riding in 7 to 8 groups averaging from 8 to 20 MPH, there is a group for everyone's speed and experience level. No one left behind.
Like last series, this century on the last weekend will be by invitation only with riders having to be signed in to a minimum number of prior Saturday training rides to attend. Last series, signing in to at least 4 training rides was necessary for the century, this series more people will be signing in and most likely this minimum number of rides attended will increase. Make sure you sign in at every training ride. For details, click here

The Double Team Riding 5-Across on the 
Runway on Camp Pendleton​

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