"Over the past 6 weeks or so, my riding has improved 10-fold.  I push bigger gears, scale hills with much less effort and increased my mileage of my rides 150%." Jim K.
       One of San Diego's Best Attended Stationary Trainer Classes!

  Stationary Training 
Planning for 2014-15 Season

Plans are being confirmed for 
the Fall, Winter and Spring Stationary Training Programs!

Our next classes will begin mid October.

  • Stationary Training continues at the Trek Bicycle Superstore East Count in La Mesa [MAP] This will be our 6th year in La Mesa!
  • Stationary Training returns to the Trek Bicycle Superstore North County in San Marcos! [MAP] This will be our 5th year in North County. Details soon. 
  • Stationary Training begins at the Trek Bicycle Superstore South County in Eastlake! [MAP]
  • Arrangements are being made for other locations!

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Cyclist Comments

"Hey Coach! I wanted to tell you how strong I felt climbing Torrey Pines last night! I don't have a computer on my bike yet but I flew up that hill! I love the feeling of getting stronger and you've been instrumental in helping me reach my goals and build my endurance. Thanks for such a great class! See you tonight.
Adrian H. April 2013

"Thank you for making it such a great class!"
Debi M. April 2013

"Darryl - great class, as usual! I'm hooked. I truly bike better - stronger and faster because of it. The terrific group of people somehow makes the pain manageable! Thank you!"
Belinda B. April 2013

"Great Class"
Mike F. April 2013

"Thanks for another successfully stationary training series. 
I am getting stronger and feel better on the bike.
As I was doing the one-leg cycling and the standing last night, I was remembering my first attempts 3-4 years ago. I could barely make one revolution with the 'stronger' leg and standing was something you did to relieve pressure on your butt. Thanks for setting goals. Next year, I will be stronger!"
Paul N. April 2013

"Thank you for another great year of training classes. The classes are the true epitome of a 'love / hate'  relationship ;-) "
Sabine N. April 2013

"I think they need to change the name of this ride (Hemet Double Centuty) to the Hills that Never End. I felt strong doing all the climbing It really showed towards the end. You were right about your class. I am stronger and faster. Thanks again for all the inspiration."
Roger H. April 2013

"My legs thank you too for I am STRONGER:)  See you Tuesday !!"

"I did Great Western this morning and noticed a huge difference! Like I was 20 years younger! Class is definitely working.Thanks'"
Dave G. April G. 2013

"I feel more efficient, stronger, and can pedal farther, plus I am losing weight"
Amir P. April 2013

"I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the bike classes and the I Love My Bike workshop.  I completed the bike leg of Ironman 70.3 California in 4:03:36 (which is good for me). I took 30 minutes off my cycling time. Thank you so much again!
Time to celebrate an exciting success!!!"
Chris S. April 2013

"Another great class tonight, thank-you!!"
Andrea F. March 2013

“I was always last climbing Del Dios Highway until this week! I was so far ahead, some of my friends could not see me when I got to the top!”
Angeleen G. March 2013 

"Strava says 104mi and Garmin says 100.2mi, Ya, John and I were cruisin... Good company, shared the work, and paid extra attention to what was happening down the road... I'm just amazed that I'm able to do this after LESS than 2 months of training! Wow - Completed a Century after 16 Stationary classes, and 3 road rides... Thanks again for everything,"
Jon T. March 2013

"My best time up Torrey Pines. 9:07! A year ago 12:43. Thanks Coach for all your help. Taking your classes have help me immensely."
Roger H. March 2013

"I have never climbed Torrey Pines in this gear before - and after only 2 stationary trainer classes"
Richard H. March 2013

"I am excited to see another great improvement in my cycling ability."
Andrew J. February 2013

"My daughter has noticed a HUGE difference in the strength of my riding. She has had a difficult time keeping up now. That puts a BIG smile on my face!"
Penny H. February 2013

Thank you!  I am sorry I must miss tonight's class as well.  I love the workout and mental break the class provides.  
Chris S. February 2013

"...my time on today's ride (200K) was over 100 minutes faster than the same ride last year!! I felt WAY stronger."
Lisa N. January 2013

"I rode with some friends today for the first time since taking your class...they were impressed with how strong I have gotten!
I'm looking forward to the next class in January."
Thank you!!"
Erika M. December 2012

"Your class improved my level [of cycling]. I know it is not the same doing the class by yourself ,but have not found a class like yours [since I moved from San Diego]." 
James N. November 2012

"Rode the Elfin forrest ride on Saturday, love that scenery!  Were I in class tomorrow night, my hand would go up when you ask who felt stronger!  Was surprised at the end of the ride when the Garmin said we did 2400 ft of climbing!!" 
David C. November 2012

"I was so excited when I was able to stand the whole time last Tues, on the climbing section 13 min. I am looking forward to putting my new skill on a real hill. Thanks for a great training series.  I will definitely sign up again."
Allison G. November 2012

"Heres my secret to kill it on the bike, whether its Triathlon or Xterra or just ole wanting to hold school on your buddies! Coach Darryl Mackenzie is having his indoor stationary cycling clinics tomorrow nite at the Trek Superstore, La Mesa Location. Tuesday and Thursday nites start time 7:00PM. 12 weeks of super structured training. Some of my NOW super fast friends have and will attend. Its a great time as well! and will sooo benefit all levels! Love G'"
Gordon C. October 2012

" I really lost it over the summer without the class. I can't replicate by riding on my own what Darryl does for us in that class."
Debbie K. October 2012

"They prepared me for the races I ran in the last year and a half: Carlsbad half marathon, SD full, LA Half marathon, Silver Strand half marathon and SD half earlier this year plus a couple of 10 Ks in between. You have a great program and I tell everybody I know about it."
Fernando G. October 2012

"I am glad Coach Darryl's classes are starting again. Last spring when I was doing the classes I was leading my group, now I am hanging on the back."
Debbie K September 2012

"Just a note of thanks for the three great cycling classes. I appreciate the effort and thought that you put into each one. The fall to spring schedule certainly provides motivation and opportunity during a time of year when most of us working stiffs don’t get out much during the week. Have a safe summer and many great rides."
Ed P. April 2012

"...would like to once again thank you for an outstanding class - in addition to improving my strength it has increased my climbing ability confidence."
Dave C. April 2012

 "...took 15 minutes off  my bike time from the year before. 2 years with a better time  after 2 years of classes." 
Peter B. April 2012

"Just wanted you to know that I cut nearly 30 mins off my bike time on the 56 miles at Oceanside 70.3 compared to the CompuTrainer simulated done about a month earlier.  the 3 hills were tough  I completely expected M. to pass me on the bike since he only started 15 minutes behind me but he never did.  
Thanks again for your help!" 
Lisa S. April 2012

"Gotta Give Coach D Mac some love!! If you want to be super fast the whole race on the bike, Coach D Mac is the man!!"
Gordon C. May 2011

"A note about your training class.  As you know, yesterday's ride was 7 weeks after my accident.  I started back 1 1/2 weeks ago on the road and road three easy rides - 17 miles the last two Wednesday and an easy 34 miler (flat) last Saturday.
So yesterday was the test.  I was only somewhat confident because of the training class.  So what happened?  Rode with the leaders all the way, averaged 14.4 for the 75 miles, felt strong, even coming up El Camino Real at mile 67.  Told some of the guys I was riding for Darryl and his class.  I have a hard time believing I was off the road for almost 7 weeks and could ride this well.
Thanks for your help,
Joe M. April 2011

"Thank you!!! Have come a long way from your first training class last fall....Wasn't a part of a bike club,  never have done the great western , or road  over 40 miles and now..... Doing it all!   Thank you!!
Sue B. February 2011

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